Saturday, September 27, 2008


I just wrote out an entire post, only to see "the page cannot be displayed." I lost the whole thing! Grr. >=[

I was at my friend Tim's birthday party today. Tim wants to be a fashion designer, and he seriously got 9283746 fashion books as presents. I started reading one in particular ...

The Little Black Book of Style -- Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia! Project Runway! Basically my life! [almost.]

It really inspired me to, as Nina says, "edit my wardrobe to what looks good and makes me feel good." So, I just spend the last half hour throwing out all my clothes. Or, at least, 70% of them.

What Sophia needs to complete her now-bare wardrobe:
2) basic tshirts in black and white[my old ones were getting pilly.]
3) to go to a flea market! I've never been to one, and I've heard you can get some interesting stuff!
4) A tshirt bra
5) Some basic loose dresses
6) Fun, funkier heels [I just started learning to walk in them, haha]
7) Cool pieces [jumpsuits, overalls, vests, etc.]
8) A pair of heeled black OXFORDS!
9) to shop at Topshop [online, of course, since I live in freaking Pennsylvania, in which there is no fashion, let alone a Topshop]
10) MONEY. =/


AusAnna said...

Ohhh funky heels are a must.
I loveee nina garcia, i need to start collecting fashion books.
Cute blog missy
would you like to exchnage links?X

styledigger said...

heheh I need number 10 too:)

♥ fashion chalet said...

What a great book. I love fashion books, especially hers!! :)

Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog, sweetie.

xo/ fashion chalet

Lisa said...

thanks for the comment love.

you're super sweet.

love the list.
i try to stick to lists. BUT it never happens...


for sure lets link!!!

J. said...

ahh, i need that book! actually, i was doing a closet-cleaning the other day too. it was a pretty epic clean-out. there were at least 4 pairs of jeans that wouldn't fit over my butt ;)

copperoranges said...

amen to number ten! haha. i am looking for a trench coat as well ... let me know if you find something cute.

Caroline said...

have you gotten this book? i'm wondering what its like.

Dominica said...

Hope the book is a good as the Skinny Bitch one..Did you ever read that book, hilarious buth gives you also another view about food ...

nice blog !!
warmly, Do

ZORI said...

I have read this book, and I definitely can say that I enjoyed it very much.