Friday, June 19, 2009


A big thanks to Tasha for tagging me! And thanks to all of you guys who comment and read my blog even though I'm really bad at updating it. I promise it'll be MUCH more regular now that school is out! :)

i'm tagging the following lovely bloggers. i realize some of you already have it, but hey, you all deserve extra publicity, cause your blogs are excellent!
tis serendipity


tis serendipity said...

Aww hey thanks so much for tagging me! =DD I'll definitely get down to doing this tag after I finish with a couple more... am pretty behind on some posts haha...

Thank you so much for adding my blog (and the blogshop) to your linklist! =DD I really appreciate it... have linked you back too!

awww and thanks for revealing this bit about yourself... the belly button thing is pretty funny actually. i know some people feel the same about their feet. and adam lambert?? noooooo kris allen all the way girl!!! XDD

heh i'm totally falling in love with your blog. don't have much time at the moment but am going to slowly trawl through your archives over the next week!

Alyssa said...

I've always wanted to send in a post secret too! But I've got nothing!!! lol

Jennifer said...

Great facts! :)
Barely any of my friends know about my blog either. Haha. I just like the privacy, but also it's fun to just make new friends in the blogosphere, ya know?
And I definitely know what you mean about Adam Lambert. Siiigh.

yiqin; said...

Congrats on the award :)

(Encyclo)lydia said...

Oh awesome! Thanks for the tag m'dear. I too love receiving letters in the mail! It makes me feel all 20th century and whatnot.

LLIIISU . :) said...

congratulations fot the award. (:
Love your blog. :)

greystrawberrys said...

I'm a health nut too! when i want to be xD

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

hello lady!!
well i have moved now, back home. i can give you my new address if you have not sent it yet.
if you have, how long ago did you send it, as i have no got anything. :( but the good news is my friend should be going back to the flat in a few days, so can get it if its there.
hope you are well, and let me know!!!
:D :D :D

Tasha said...

Glad to see you back! I enjoyed reading your 10 honest things!

Annie said...

I can't stand when people touch my belly button either--they seem dirty!

Demi said...

haha I constantly worry that people think i'm boring too. and its definitely better when people dont know about your blog, I think :) I prefer it that way too!

Sharina said...

Sophia! Thank you so much for tagging me :) I'll definitely do it soon!

AND let me just say that we share the same #1!!! I'm a health buff as well, whole grains, etc. BUT i have a huge sweet tooth! Majorly addicted to desserts - my favorite course! HAHA.

I love reading your blog! Keep on posting!