Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jewelry Hanger

This past week, I realized that my jewelry was a MESS. It's been lying all over my dresser for ages. So after thinking for a while, I came up with this lovely contraption! It's just a hanger glued to cardboard covered with black fabric. Then, I glued string across to hang my earrings from. I also used black thumbtacks to hang the necklaces from. Unfortunately, I ran out of thumbtacks, so I couldn't finish it. [hence all the jewelry is hanging on ONE HALF of the hanger.]


~bridget~ said...

hi, thanks for the brilliant idea of the jewelry hanger. i've been looking for a way to fix the mess on MY dresser and was googling along when your blog came up. i'm going to try it out... except i might try thick nylon for the backing to see if i can poke the earrings right through, and then maybe use semi thick wire (that i use for some necklaces and things) to make little hooks instead of pushpins. we'll see how it works. good luck in school :)