Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Today was the last day of school before winter break, and I'm a bit mad at myself, in regards to the boy I told you about earlier. We've had a study hall in orchestra these past two days and I played cards with my friends. The whole time, though, I was watching what he was doing, and he would sit in a circle with his friends, but he never really talked. He was really really quiet (as usual) and kind of by himself, occasionally listening to the conversation. I was going to go up to him and talk to him (since he looked rather bored) but I realized I HAD NOTHING TO SAY! Honestly, if he rarely talks to his friends, imagine how awkward a conversation would be with a complete stranger like me!!

Sigh. So now I get two full weeks to think about it, not seeing him. If school didn't have homework, I would LOVE school. I'm kind of sad it's over for a while--it's my excuse to get dressed up and do my hair nicely every day. Without it, I feel like a bum!


copperoranges said...

awwww ... there will be other chances .. or maybe other boys.

J. said...

don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunities!

from personal experience, i feel like it's the random conversations that are the best. good luck and merry christmas!

Demi said...

don't worry honey! it'll work out soon, and there will plenty of other opportunities!
theres got to be something you guys have in common or something in school that you could talk about - think about it :)
good luck!
and have a fantastic christmas

Merily said...

You shouldn't worry and I wish you good luck :)