Friday, December 19, 2008

lucy! i'm home!

So you wanna know the real reason I haven't been on here in two months? There are three:
1) I'm super busy. [read: AP US History consumes my life.]
2) My mother's digital camera is a bitch, and it takes FOREVERRR to upload the pictures from it. I'm planning on buying myself one for Christmas, but I'm trying to figure out when they'll be cheapest: now, right before Christmas, right after, or like in January. Any thoughts?
3) This is probably going to sound really whiney and annoying, but I've felt really fat lately and I'm tired of seeing my fat self on my blog. So, until I get skinny [hah, i've been telling myself that for the last two years] there won't exactly be an abundance of pictures of me.

WELL. I hate to be materialistic, but I have a Christmas wishlist, which I made into a little collage:

Frye Boots (Wendy has these, and I love them!):
Peacoat: (It's not actually a trenchcoat, the URL just says that. *shrug* my bad.)
Ice Skates: I've recently gotten super into figure skating! My little sister's friend is really good, and he's been teaching me every Saturday. It's so much fun, it's really good exercise, and I really like the challenge of trying to get better! Now I need my own skates (the rentals are so gross!)
Oxfords: I know they're old news, but they're basically staples, and I need a pair!

SO. News in my life:
I need advice. There's this super cute boy in my Orchestra class (he's a viola too!), and I've neeever been good with boys AT ALL. Basically, my romantic social skills = zero. I'm not sure he even knows I exist (there are 60 people in the class) and I want him to notice me, but I'm scared to talk to him! Arghhhh. He's a senior, and he's just so freaking attractive. Haha it's intimidating. It would be weird if, since it's already halfway through the year, I just went up to him and was like "Hi. I'm Sophia. Nice to meet you." I don't know what to do =/ I'm hoping somehow next time we switch seats I'm stand-partners with him! Wishful thinking though, because he's really good and is almost always like third chair. Grr. Anyhow, help me!!

I got another really awesome award from Inside the Cabinet of Wonder, but I'm going to wait until next post to accept it and pass it on, since this post is pretty long already!

Well, that's the end of this post. Do you like the new header?
By the way, I'm figuring out how to make / edit layouts, so if my blog is screwy, it's probably because I'm playing with the settings.

IMPORTANT: If I used to have you linked on here, let me know! All my links got deleted, so I'll put you back on if you let me know!!


Boubou said...

Nice blog !!! i love the photos :))
i ll be back :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, Triple T! I've missed you and your blog. Thanks for the warm compliments on my blog and outfit. :)

Hoping all is well.


holly said...

thanks for the comment i think ive found out what to do i might not go with the le sac after all.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

yay yay yay!! i am so happy you are back, it made my day!!! :)
welcome back!
aww busy bee i see!
good luck with the boy, just be yourself! i know thats a stupid idea, but sometimes it works! :)

copperoranges said...

i think i was lost!

the new figure skating hobby should help with that whole "i've been feeling fat" bogusness ;)! that sounds like an awesome way to exercise!

ahh .. boys ... i have never really had any problems being shy around guys. you should just introduce yourself! maybe ask if you guys could work something together?

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there! hope you are well and those Oxfords are just really cute!

Dina-Dyorre said...

ahaha, yes rentals are pretty gross.

i like that you like figure skating, it really is amazing. i've been skating for 4 years and i still can't get enough, especially recently :)

Demi said...

Yayyy, your back!
I missed you!!!!!!

and I too have been telling myself for like 2 years to lose weight, i'm going to attempt to make it my new years resolution (ha, who am I kidding?!)

about the boy: this sounds really childish, but has he got like myspace or something like that? you could add him on that and get talking if your too nervous to talk to his face.
(sorry I wasn't much help!!)

hope you have a fantastic christmas and new year honey!

J. said...

I've been missing your posts - welcome back! But AP US history... I feel your pain. That will be me next year. Ugh. =/

Figure skating is really fun! My friend's very good at it, so I love to watch her routines. I can stand up on the ice, but that's about it, so I'm very impressed with your accomplishment!

Woah now! Cute guy? And you've waited until NOW to do something about it?! Haha, don't worry. I mean, the hardest part will be your first conversation. But if you can do it just one time, then you can do it again. There's already some good advice here in the comments: be yourself, just say hey. Maybe you can ask him to help you out with your viola-playing-skillz? Good luck!