Tuesday, February 10, 2009

scarves and borrowed shirts.

I'm actually going to post outfits today! [surprise!] Granted, they're really boring outfits that I pretty much threw on. But they're outfits none the less!
I'm still a fatty in case you're wondering (I haven't gotten around to that New Year's Resolution yet. Oops.)

Lately, I've been pretty infatuated with:
a) scarves
b) stealing my fathers shirts.
Both of the following outfits include both of these items.

(I look really unhappy in this one because I was late and I snapped this really quickly before I left to catch my bus, which I ended up missing.)

By the way, I think something's wrong with me: I do homework a lot longer than most people. This is me doing homework at 1:30 AM by the light of my mini desklamp:

stupid AP US history. Actually, I really like that class, but it's so much WORK!

I'm going to a debate tournament this weekend at Harvard University in Boston (well, Cambridge)! I'm going to bring my camera because hopefully we'll get some time to explore Boston! :D


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

oh cool!
i love scarves too, but they make my neck look short, and i have a short neck to start with...

i am taking AP US next year, and i am so excited, even though i heard it is like impossible ~_~
but don't worry, i take forever doing hw....well, actually i procrastinate (i am procrastinating right now...i just don't want to write my newspaper article (which is 2 weeks over due...shhhh))...

oh, and thanks for the header comment! <3 i love it too :P

<3 lise

copperoranges said...

you hush about the fattybusiness. i will have none of it!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

ha ha...owl city :)

(Encyclo)lydia said...

Ah AP US! Did that last year. What a pain!
And you look so cute in your outfits! Please don't even THINK about losing weight.
Thanks for the sweet comment, too!

FELICITY [!] said...

thanks for your comment, doll! xo

ouu, those scarves are stellar. i love them both!

wow! that debate competition sounds so exciting, hope you have a wonderful time!

Ashley said...

scarves, scarves, scarves
oh, it is love ♥

yiqin; said...

The scarf is really unique! I can neverpull off scarves though :(

Wendiva said...

have the best time in boston/cambridge! good luck at your tournament! your scarfs will be put into good use in this town :)

(Encyclo)lydia said...

As for how to make bigger pictures...
It requires a little tampering in html first that I could never explain. If you google "5 steps to bigger pictures on blogger" a few tutorials should show up to help you first expand your page. Then upload your photos to a flickr account and you can use those codes they give you to paste in for bigger photos. Yay!

(Encyclo)lydia said...

And thank you for the linkage!
I am going to do the same :)

Kenny said...

AP US History! I took that class, and stayed up late outlining almost every night. Don't worry-- It really pays off. I learned so much in that class!

Scarf addictions kill, don't they? Your outfits are really adorable!

La Fée said...

I the scarves, espesh the rainbow one!!

Anonymous said...


I do homework really late too, it always takes me forever and my twin brother finishes everything in half an hour, and we make the same grades. -_-

I also like your outfits! :]