Monday, November 30, 2009

$100 shopbop giveaway! just tell me about your love for marc jacobs bags :)


marc jacob bags

Ever heard of Marc Jacobs? Of course you have. Shopbop has given me the privilege of giving away a $100 instant gift card to one lucky commenter who tells me which of the Marc Jacobs bags from is her favorite, and why.

[[History of Marc Jacobs Bags]]
Marc Jacobs has received numerous honors in the fashion world. In 1987, Jacobs was awarded "The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent," making him the youngest designer to ever receive this distinction. His diverse, fashion-forward vision currently ranges from menswear to, of course, bags. Marc Jacob bags are unusual works of art, both stylish and functional, ranging from tiny clutches to totes. Even the more traditional designs are stand outs as they're recognizably well-crafted and constructed from fine materials.

marc jacob bags

Just tell us which of the Marc Jacobs bags is your favorite, and what you would wear with it.
The most inspiring comment will win, so show off your style! How will you make your comment stand out from the crowd as much as Marc Jacobs bags do?


edit* let me make clear that the prize of this contest is not a Marc Jacobs bag -- it's a $100 Shopbop giftcard to use any way that you please. You simply must discuss your favorite MJ bag in order to win the contest :)


Ela said...

For YEARS I've loved the Classic Q Groovee. Each year I tell myself I'll finally get it - then I wait for it to go on sale even just a little bit but of course by the time it does and I get to it, it's completely sold out. I think Marc Jacobs' designs are timeless and classic. They'll outlast any of-the-moment handbags yet always manage to stay on trend. And I love the poppy, fun interiors - I love the fun, whimsical touches Marc Jacobs infuses in his line.

Thanks for hosting a fabulous giveway, Sophia!

Ric said...

Okay...Marc Jacobs...was he in the Devil Wears Prada? That is a great movie, but I don't need a new purse - I'm good...

How's the college app thing going? I got off easy on that one...just made two applications and chose one. Figured it didn't matter as much where I started as where I finished. Glad you're blogging for us!

Disguise said...

Blogger Ric said...

Okay...Marc Jacobs...was he in the Devil Wears Prada? That is a great movie, but I don't need a new purse - I'm good...


And OMG I love your blog!

Annie Spandex said...

Sweet giveaway!! My favorite is the gold Metallic Twisted Q Derby Bag. I'd wear it with a black mini dress, leopard tights, and black wedges with stacked leather heels. It'd be perfect because I could wear it across my body and be hands-free to dance around and hug my boyfriend. Love it! Good luck, everyone! :)

Imogen said...

Amazing giveaway! My favourite is New Q Drawstringy Satchel because it is stylish, classic and makes a statement. I love the colour and the shape.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is the most fabulous giveaway ever! :P
My favorite MJ bag is the purple hobo one in the first row (I believe it is the editor's pick). It is so cute and chic and the color will go with a lot of my clothes. I can imagine myself wearing it with a simple little black dress or with a shredded tee and jean skirt or my favorite beige skirt with light pink sweater...oh gosh the possibilities are endless. Hehehe. ;)

PS. I hope you're having a good week!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Wow great giveaway, really want to win!!!!
My favourite bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs at shop bop is this BEAUTY;
The Classic Q Baby Groovee Satchel is absolutely stunning, and in typical Marc Jacobs style, is quirky, fun yet elegantly timeless and chic.Its about the detail Mr Marc puts into his stuff, Look at this bag, The bright grape colour of the bag contrasts so elegantly with the gold metal buckles and bits on the bag, the quirky and detailed print of the lining, the way it can be worn as a satchel or a shoulder bag, transforming the different styles to get even more wear out of this bag, its those kind of little things he thinks about which bjust adds to the spectacular beauty of his stuff. He's a ledgend, and this bag is too.
You could wear this endless amount of times. Purple is the best colour to team things with and I can see it with fun printed vintage dresses and either brogues or boots, and dressed up for night with a full and flirty LBD and those amazing ashish for topshop wedges in black, and a great rick owens jacket thrown over the top.
Its so versatile. Its beautiful.
Hope i win!!!

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-wow, what a fab giveaway, I love the tan colour one, so timelessly stylish and classic!!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

wow! amazing..i heart the purple one..because it is purple!hehe.
right ok, i started a new blog just for a little bit of random fun really. hehe.
ah journey are AMAZING, i heart that song so much. i think the xfactor winner in the uk will release their own version for their first single...eek i hope they sing it well, i am worried!
yay!!! i am sooo happy you got my package, i am soooooo sorry it was soooooo late, i feel so bad about it!
hope you are well.

lina said...

oooo!!! my definite favorite is Totally Turnlock Natasha Messenger Bag. i could totally see myself wearing it in the city on an adventure. it's the perfect size & slings just the way i like it.

mart and lu said...

thanks for stopping by! i like your for Marc Jacobs....i just love every single design!

Anonymous said...

The Classic Q Natasha Messenger bag is my favorite! Zippers are definitely an obsession of mine, and I love how the zipper on this bag really pops and accents the bag. It's very simple which I love, because it'll change with whatever I wear it with (:

I would wear this purse with EVERYTHING! But the first outfit idea I had is a short vintage floral dress (blacks/fushia/lilac colored), black tights, and cream silky flats. I already love this outfit because it's super dance ready (I feel like I should head to a discotheque with it!) and with the purse (which I won't need my hands for) I'll be free to move and groove! (I also talk with my hands, haha, so purses that make me hold onto them are never a good idea)

Finally (I could gush about marc jacob and his amazing purses for daysss!), I love the little details that go into something seemingly so simple. The interior of the purse, with the sleek black/white marc jacobs by marc jacobs print (in an amazing font), the subtle scrunched look on the front, even the gold hoop to change the size of the strap all combine to create one incredible work of fashion.

Thank you for this amazing chance Sophia! (: Good luck to everybody!

CLM said...

I love your blog !
I am your newest follower :)

keep it up !

xoxo - Carly

Faith J. said...

I don't gush, but I love that Twisted Q Groovee Bag in black. I'd wear it out in my 'hood with some skinny grey jeans, a big cashmere sweater, and high-heeled leather boots. I'd go find some abandoned kittens, put them all in the handbag, and bring them home. Oh yes I would!

If fashion isn't FUN, why bother? Which I think is Marc J's whole outlook. Peace and good luck to everyone.


Erika said...

All I can say is that I literally worship Marc Jacobs. I have spent years perusing imitations of Marc Jacobs; so given the opportunity to own a real MJ piece, I'd have to go for the Totally Turnlock Aidan Bag ( due to the fact that it is glamorous yet gigantic - perfect for toting all my necessities about!

I think I'd wear it with a fitted red v-neck sweater, black faux leather shorts over black tights, and black suede over the knee boots. It would definitely be a statement piece and complete my look! :)

lookrichbitch said...

i've been obsessed with the Petal to the Metal cross body shoulder bag! love the little birdies on it and it's just the perfect size for every day use. marc by marc jacobs are always perfectly whimsical without being too cute.

yiqin; said...

I love love love him! His collections are always so fun. He has sucha huge personality :)

Phyllis said...

wow what a great giveaway - loveee the new Q hobo - i just think its the perfect shape.

gl on your college apps!! my sisters going through the same right now.. just gotta push through them - you'll be done and on your way soon enough! =)

Luís Batalha said...

I love the one you would like to offer me so I can make someone happy this Christmas :D

My girlfriend would marry me after this...

Nice blog ;)

@ Follow me, A

Amelia said...

Wow, so cool! I'm not really that into bags, though, so I'll leave this to someone who is.

Kathy said...

First time I saw a catwalk was five years ago, when I was 12, and it was a Marc Jacobs one, I fall in love with all the designs and I search the brand's web in Google, handbags and purses where even more lovely than all the handbags I had seen before that moment, and the one I really liked was the Q Pixie drawstring shoulder bag!
If I had the chance to wear it I would mix with a high waist black skirt, a pair of oxfords booties and a lace top.

I'm so excited about this giveaway! Thank you so much :)

yiqin; said...

OMG I WANT! Have never worn a giveaway yet.

Akiamy said...

The New Q Pixie Drawstring Shoulder Bag is pretty much perfect for winter. I would tie a leopard print scarf around the strap and go frolicking with it in the snow.

Alyssa said...

Everyone is doing a giveaway and I just figured out why... it's the holiday season!
Sorry I'm studying for finals and haven't the energy to put my heart into a comment. But great giveaway dear!

Anonymous said...

I love giveaways

LML said...

my favorite is the stam bag - i love the plush quilt, leather and chain! its a modernized chanel :)

TanmoySarkar said...

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Lilee said...

Oh wow, the New Q Printed Wristlet clutch is just amazing! The pale neutral coloured leopard print clashes with the beautiful emerald green beads and Marc Jacobs plaque to create this stunning piece of art! I love the colour, the design, and even the price! Not too expensive as most designer items! I'd love to win this, thanks for opening this contest!

Erimentha said...

:) ohhhhhhhhhhh

my friends will be impressed when i rock up to a party with a marc jacobs bag!

haha my popularity will increase so much!


jess said...

I love the leopard tote because I love leopard print and I feel the need to take my entire life around with me.

Anonymous said...

Nice gifts!

Dallas Shaw said...

I love the MJ patent sia cross body bag. As you know if you have seen the blog, I love to mix brown, black, navy... so this would go with everything! (I did just pick up a great tank that it's a must with: It reminds me of a bag my grandmother used to have so I'm just in love.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


molly YEH! said...

on my chrismikah list this year was the New Q Lil Riz Hobo in Olive. When I saw it, it was love at first sight! It was the day after Thanksgiving and I was leaving Nordstrom when I stumbled upon the beauty and my jaw just dropped. It was perfect. Especially since I had just bought a red leather puffy shoulder jacket, and if I would have continued to carry my last year's navy green standard supply bag, I would have looked like christmas had thrown up on me!

Anyways, mum said I couldn't have it because for the past FOUR years I have gotten a new marc jacobs bag for every birthday and chrismikah. But I mean, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY MARC JACOBS BAGS!

Call me greedy...

But this bag would be just perfect with said leather jacket, tall Frye boots, some black tights, and my huge fur hat! I would carry it on my adventures to the Village, or to my favorite cafe on 65th and broadway, as it is perfectly sized for a book and my people watching journal.

Yay for Marc Jacobs!!

p.s. for my little sister's third birthday, I went down to the Baby Marc store on Bleecker and got her a little Miss Marc shirt. She is so fabulous.

CC said...

I adore Marc Jacobs. His bags are so super adorable.
My favorite has to be the Classic Q Drawstringy Satchel because it is so stylish yet has that laid-back element to it which makes it look so good with any outfit, formal or casual.
Wait. No! I like the Nylon Q Mabel Tote . I detest purple, but the texture and shade used in this bag is so cute you can't help but love it.
NO no! This is final. My favorite bag is ... the Classic Q Baby Groovee Satche. -

Look at it. Its so gorgeous.
Thats my final answer

*cross my fingers*

Anonymous said...

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