Monday, August 25, 2008

A Formal Introduction

I've already posted twice on this blog, and in all the excitement, I forgot to introduce myself!

I'm Sophia. I'm from Pennsylvania, I'm fifteen, and I'll be a junior in high school this year [yes!]

This is me:
me. ew. I sincerely apologize for how awful I look [bad hair, ratty t-shirt, icky smile] I'm not going anywhere today, so this is it. A better picture of me can be found on the header. =]

Anywhoo, this blog will include:
a) art/crafting
b) fashion
c) my life
d) random things that I feel like including
If that combination sounds boring to you, then I guess this blog isn't for you =/

Yesterday my family went to my cousin Mariah's house to celebrate my grandma's birthday. Mariah, unfortunately, lives in the middle of NOWHERE, but the scenery is really beautiful. We all took a walk to a nearby bridge and threw rocks over the edge.

cousinscountry roadriverthrowing rocks


Letitia said...

u are so pretty! is this whithout makeup..luck you :)

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