Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tomorrow: my birthday and a whole new year

A new year is almost here! New opportunities, new challenges, new people. I love fresh starts.

I really shouldn't be posting because I have a ton of things to do today, but hey--New Years' only comes once a year! Oh, and New Years Day is my birthday, so I deserve to be able to slack off a little. ;]

I've compiled a list of New Years Resolutions for this year:::
1) Be a little less OCD, as hard as it is for me.
2) Have more will power with food. Lose weight. Get skinny.
3) Be more social and friendly with people. Sometimes I tend to clam up.
4) Learn how to dance. Let loose, and get comfortable with looking silly! [I HATE dance floors. They make me really self-conscious and nervous.]
5) Pay more attention to the things around me. Stop and smell the roses! Now that I have my DIGITAL CAMERA [yesssss finally] I'm going to start taking pictures of everything!

Happy New Years everybody! More posts in 2009, coming soon to a computer near you!


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

happy bday dahling and hae a great new year!

and half of those resolutions on your list apply to my as, all of them do!

i know what you mean about dance floors...i mean i take dance, but i take indian classical, which is COMPLETELY different than the dance floor dance...

<3 lise


Happy B'day & all the loveliness in2009! ~Cheers*

Demi said...

hope you have a fabulous day!!

and have an amazing new year :)
we should lose weight together!! haha


Anonymous said...

Wonderful birthday celebrations with a delightful New Year to began with...enjoy..

J. said...

I actually live about 15 minutes from NYC. If you've ever seen Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, then you probably heard "Englewood up to no good" - that'd be me :) I live in that area.

I guess a fun way to put it is: Eddie Murphy's old house. ( I live near there.